Attend The Sept. 3, 4, 5 Labor Day Extravaganza

The Labor Day Extravaganza will showcase a new way to campaign and elect Republican candidates, a process that can change everything for Republicans and restore greatness to Southern Arizona.  The United Republicans of Green Valley and Sahuarita (URGVS) are introducing and using a new approach to campaigns and elections.  The URGVS has formed an organizational structure around specific issues to connect voters to Republican candidates.  Four URGVS Groups have been organized and are working on a variety of issues around the following general areas:

– Defending Law Enforcement

– Saving Our Country

– Protecting the Unborn

– Honoring our Parents and Grandparents

The above areas act as a catalyst for increasing Republican turnout, attracting Independent voters and providing a political home for JFK Democrats. The four URSVS Groups will educate, organize, and mobilize the electorate to support Republican candidates by showing voters that only Republicans represent their interests.


LABOR DAY EXTRAVAGANZA DAY ONE September 3 –  Celebrating the Miracle of America

Join your fellow Republicans for a great morning of food, conversation, and information on the Miracle of America.    We will remember and remind each other on the greatness of our Constitutional Republic and why we must unite to Save Our Country.  From valuing all of life to honoring our parents and grandparents, we, The Children of Liberty, will discuss why it’s time for all Americans to support and defend the men and women who protect and preserve our freedom and way of life.  You will have the opportunity to discuss the greatness of American history and why we must make sure our children know the truth about the courage and genius of our Founders.  Bring your friends, neighbors, and family members to the first day of the Labor Day Extravaganza. 

Location: 101 S La Canada, Suite 60, in the Green Valley Mall 

LABOR DAY EXTRAVAGANZA DAY TWO September 4, 2020  – Burying The Democrat Socialist Racist Party

With one unified voice, we are burying the Democrat Socialist and Racist policies that are destroying the American Culture of Success.  Socialism and racism have no place in our Country, and we reject the Democrat Socialists who are dividing America and Americans by race, gender, ethnicity, and national origin. We stand-up 4 America, honor our flag, love our families, and will never relinquish our God-given natural rights and freedom.  Join with your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow Republican Patriots to celebrate the end of the Democrat Socialist Racist Party.  Freedom-loving Patriots, have your voices heard, as we enjoy great food and eulogize the end of the Democrat Socialist, racist party. Most importantly, we organize to support and elect Republican candidates to make sure Democrat Socialism and racism policies are once and for all dead in America.  

Location:  The funeral procession begins at 9 am with the decorating of vehicles in front of Democratic Headquarters at Continental Shopping Plaza. The procession with the casket of Democrat Socialist racist policies and positions will end at the Republican Headquarters in Green Valley Village.

LABOR DAY EXTRAVAGANZA DAY THREE September 5, 2020 – Delivering on American Exceptionalism

Together, we will discover, design, and deliver on the greatness of America to all Americans.  The Culture of Success is available to all Americans through hard work, self-reliance, and personal responsibility.  By focusing on the issues important to all Americans, we can end the culture of dependency and replace it with a culture of American Independence.  The four UPGVS organizing groups will present a blueprint for what United Republicans of Green Valley and Sahuarita plan to do over the next few weeks to campaign and elected Republicans at all levels and re-elect President Trump for Four More Years. 

Location: Republican HQ, 101 S La Canada, Suite 60, Green Valley Mall 

See you September 3 – 4 – 5 

Don’t miss the Labor Day Extravaganza.  These three days will be nothing like you have experiences in the world of politics.  The Labor Day Extravaganza is not only the kick-off to our Campaign to Elect solid, conservative Republicans, but it is also the start of a new, united GOP agenda to restore American values and beliefs locally and statewide. 

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